January 7th 2024

                  Mass Intentions

Sat 6      19.30

Sun 7     10.00

Sat 13   19.30    James Boyle MM, Treanmore

                         Paddy & Kathleen Conboy, Lisdadnan

Sun 14  10.00    John Wynne, MM Gortavacan

                        Marie, Brendan & Kevin Casey

Gorvagh 09.00


Confession—Sat evening 6.30pm in Mohill

 First Sat—Mass at 10am & Confessions after Mass.

Weekday Mass times—Mon to Fri 10am

Eucharistic Adoration

takes place each Thursday after 10am Mass until 6pm. Benediction the first Thurs of the month at 6pm


Weekend Mass times for Jan 13 & 14

Sat Jan 13—  Mohill 7.30pm

Sun Jan 14—Gorvagh 9am

                       Mohill 10am

                       Foxfield 11.30am



Offertory Envelopes

The new Offertory Envelopes have been distributed. Please contact the Parochial house if you have not received a box.




We are always in need of people to volunteer to help out at Mass. If you would like to read or take up the Offertory Collection or help out in any way  please contact Fr Nigel.


Computer Course

Part Time – Spreadsheet Methods – Starting Monday, 8th January 2024 Mohill Computer Training at the Mohill Enterprise Centre is now accepting registrations for its part-time 4-week QQI Level 4 Spreadsheet course.  Ideal for new and intermediate computer users preparing for employment or simply looking to upskill.  Register now as places are limited by calling (071) 9632024 or by emailing



Archbishop Eamon Martin

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s life and ministry were based on faith, hope and love.  In our New Year message, Ireland’s Church leaders quote the words written by Saint Paul in his letter to the Romans: “So then let us pursue the things that make for peace and the building up of one another” (Romans 14:19). It is our New Year wish that, as ambassadors of Christ’s message of reconciliation, in 2024 we can all “model a better way of living and loving now and in the years to come.”


 Pope Francis

 In these days, as we look at the world around us, there can be no escaping serious ethical questions related to the armaments sector.  The ability to conduct military operations through remote control systems has led to a lessened perception of the devastation caused by those weapon systems and the burden of responsibility for their use, resulting in an even more cold and detached approach to the immense tragedy of war. Research on emerging technologies in the area of so-called Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems, including the weaponization of artificial intelligence, is a cause for grave ethical concern. Autonomous weapon systems can never be morally responsible subjects. The unique human capacity for moral judgment and ethical decision-making is more than a complex collection of algorithms, and that capacity cannot be reduced to programming a machine, which as “intelligent” as it may be, remains a machine. For this reason, it is imperative to ensure adequate, meaningful and consistent human oversight of weapon systems.



Seeing your life through the Lens of the Gospels

The baptism of Jesus was an extraordinary religious experience for him. Something happened that was a major step forward for Jesus in coming to know that he was the beloved Son of God. We all have events in our lives that are milestones along the road of discovering who we are. What have been these milestones for you?  ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.’ Bring to mind experiences in which you knew you were the beloved (of God or of another person) and that the one who loved you was well pleased. Remember these experiences with gratitude, knowing that the only proper response to love received is thankfulness. Perhaps you have also given that experience to another.  It is easy to lament the growing secularisation in the world today, but the Spirit of God who spoke loudly to the world in the Christ-event is active today. How can we be open to the new things the Spirit is saying to the church today?  John gives an example of humility as a person confident in his own role but not seeking to claim to be more than he is. He acknowledges that Jesus is greater.



 Money Matters

Offertory Collection………..€1,350



Thank you for your support