Mohill Parish Newsletter

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 25 July 2021


Mass Intentions


Sat 24 20.00 James McGivney

. . . . . . . . . . .Anne Moran, Drumrahill

Sun 25 10.30 Mary Walsh, Gortfadda & John & Roseanne Walsh, Knocklongford

. . . . . . 12.00 John Reynolds, Coolabawn

Eslin 09.00 . .Pro populo

Gorvagh 09.30

Sat 31 20.00 . .Sean Moran, MM, Gortfadda

. . . . . . . . . . . . Gerry Costello & DFM, Drumard

Sun 1 10.30 . . Brian Bohan, McLoughra

. . . . . . . 12.00 Hugh & May McGuinness, Drumoughty

Eslin 09.00

Gorvagh 09.30



We welcome into the Christian Community Aimee Margaret Duffy, d/o Alan & Eimear, Upper Main St. who was baptised recently.



Please pray for the repose of the soul of Kathleen Hunter whose funeral took place during the week. May she rest in peace.



Eucharistic Adoration

takes place each Thursday after 10am Mass until 6pm.


Video of Cemeteries

As there has been no Cemetery Sunday celebrations for the last two years due to Covid 19 the cemetery committee have produced a video of all cemeteries in Mohill. It can be viewed at


Mohill Cemetery

To maintain the high standard in which Mohill Cemetery is generally kept, all litter, including withered flowers, wreaths, etc should be brought away from the cemetery and not left at the gate or anywhere else in the cemetery.

H. McCrann, Caretaker



Mohill Family Support Centre

Summer Camps Outdoors 

Mohill Family Support Centre is hoping to facilitate Summer Camps outdoors this year with reduced numbers. Camps will take place in the Mohill Community Garden and will be broken down into four separate groups. 

For 7-10 year olds there are two separate camps, each lasting for two days, and with limited numbers in each of them. Each participant will only be able to avail of one set of two dates. The first set is Tuesday, August 3 to Wednesday, August 4, from 10am to 2pm each day. The second set is from Thursday, August 5 to Friday, August 6, 10am to 2pm. 

For 11-14 year olds two separate camps, each lasting two days, will take place with limited numbers: Either Tuesday, August 17 to Wednesday, August 18 (again 10am to 2pm) or Thursday, August 19 to Friday, August 20 (from 10am to 2pm). 

The cost is € 10 per participant, with family concessions in place. Call 071 9631253 or 086 6035977 to register your young person.


Prayer For The First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

I thank You, Lord,

for the comfort of Your presence: even in times of loneliness,

You are my hope and my confidence,

You have been my rock and my fortress since my youth!


I thank You for having given me a family and for having blessed me with a long life.

I thank You for moments of joy and difficulty,

for the dreams that have already come true in my life and for those that are still ahead of me.

I thank You for this time of renewed fruitfulness to which You call me.


Increase, O Lord, my faith,

make me a channel of your peace,

teach me to embrace those who suffer more than me,

to never stop dreaming and

to tell of your wonders to new generations.


Protect and guide Pope Francis and the Church,

that the light of the Gospel might reach the ends of the earth.

Send Your Spirit, O Lord, to renew the world

that the storm of the pandemic might be calmed,

the poor consoled and wars ended.


Sustain me in weakness

and help me to live life to the full

in each moment that You give me,

in the certainty that you are with me every day, even until the end of the age.



Seeing your life through the lens of the Gospel

1.    At the heart of this story we are told that Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks and distributed them. In our day this reminds us of the Eucharist, the bread of life, with which Jesus feeds us. Can you recall an experience of Eucharist that was especially significant for you? What was it that made it different? How did it influence your understanding of the Eucharist?
2.    Take, give thanks, distribute. The actions of Jesus also suggest an attitude to time, gifts and living. We take what we are given, give thanks, and use what we have. Have you found that having a grateful heart for what you have been given has made it easier for you to share with others?
3.    From what seemed meagre and inadequate resources many were fed. When have you found that when you gratefully use what little resources you have the results are beyond your expectations?
4.    Jesus chose to involve those around him in feeding the people. Have there been times when you have experienced benefits from calling on those around you to use their gifts to help with a task?



Money Matters

Offertory Collection ………… €1,425