most holy body and blood of Christ Sunday 18 june 2017

Mass Intentions
Sat 17 20.00 ...Tom & Margaret Mulligan, Drumgarne
.................... ....Packie, Elizabeth & Gabriel Reynolds Drumbeera
.........................DM Casey family, Lisomadaun
Gorvagh 09.30 James & Elizabeth Flynn & DFM, Selton
.........................Michael Logan & DFM, Annaderg
Sun 18 10.30 ..Funeral Mass Roseanne Walsh, Green Rd. Brendan Casey, Drumcroy
Mon 19 10.00 .Pro populo
Sat 24 20.00 ...Michael & Mary Kilrane, Drumboy &
........................Michael Mulligan Drumgarne
........................Liam Leacy, Drumcroy
........................Tommy Joe Clyne, St Patrick’s View
........................Mary Mullen, Marie Long & Sean Lynam
Sun 25 10.30 ..Peter Guckian & DFM, Gorvagh

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Roseanne Walsh, Green Road. May she rest in peace.

The Unveiled Beauty
Eating is a very powerful way of changing another substance into our own. Food, when eaten and digested, is transformed into our own flesh and bone and brain cells. But when we eat the bread which is the Body and Blood of Christ, it is Christ who transforms us into himself, making us into the Christ-persons which our name ‘Christian’ calls us to be, and indeed presupposes that we are. Baptism is sometimes called ‘Christening’; this is a very meaningful word: Christening, it means our becoming transformed into Christ. The Eucharist is a most powerful means for being thus transformed into Christ. Julian of Norwich spoke of being ‘substantially oned’ with Christ. The purpose of adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament is to become more and more ‘substantially oned’ with Christ, so that, as St Paul puts it, for us to live is Christ, and the life we live is the ‘life of Christ who lives in us’ (cf. Gal 2:20).
From Bread of Life by Cardinal Cahal B. Daly

Youth 2000 Prayer Group
Every Tuesday in the Adoration Chapel (behind main church) in Carrick-on-Shannon from 6.00 - 7.00pm for 18-35 year olds. Holy hour with music, scripture and rosary. For more info call Sean on 086 7342154.

Month of the Sacred Heart
June is traditionally the month of the
Sacred Heart. The love of the Heart of
Jesus gathers a family into one. The occasional renewal of the following act of dedication by the family praying together will increase the joy and the peace of the home.
Lord Jesus Christ, today we renew the dedication of our family to your Sacred heart. We remember your love for us. We pledge our love in return, placing you at the centre of our hearts and of our home. We wish to live our lives in union with you and share your mission of love with all men and women. Lord Jesus Christ, accept this dedication and keep us always in your Sacred Heart. Amen

The Pro Life Campaign
needs volunteers to help spread the message that Ireland’s life-saving 8th Amendment deserves protection. Let’s support mothers and babies. If you have been thinking about getting involved in this important work, now is the time! For more information on how you can help, telephone Helena on 085 8599055 or email
Thank you for your support.

All Ireland Rally For Life
Dublin City Centre, 2pm Sat 1st July. Stand up and support and protect our precious Pro-Life 8th Amendment. Bus from Leitrim leaving Carrick at 8.30am and Mohill at 9am. To book a place call 086-8775036.

Family Fun Day
Takes place in Canon Donohoe Hall, Sat 24th of June from 1-5pm. Fun filled day for the whole family with arts and crafts, games, sports, outdoor BBQ.

Parent and Children Cookery Lessons
Why not learn to cook some new dishes with your young people in Mohill Adult Education Centre (formally the Marian College) the four Tuesdays in July for parents and young people beginning Tuesday 4th of July. €5 per family. Contact Laura on 086 6035977 for more information.

John 6:51-58

1. Jesus tells us that to have life we need more than physical nourishment. How have you been aware of deeper hungers? What has met that deeper longing in you?
2. Jesus tells us that it is not just something he gives us which will give us life, but himself in his life, death and resurrection. How has your faith in the person of Jesus fed you?
3. Jesus speaks about ‘drawing life’ from him. In day to day living what are the practices which support your faith and help you to draw life from Jesus?
4. The Eucharist is one of the ways in which we draw life from Jesus. Recall with gratitude how the Eucharist has been a source of nourishment and life for you.
5. Perhaps you can also think of human examples of people drawing life from one another. From whom have you drawn life? Who has been able to draw life from you?
John Byrne osa

Cemetery Sunday
Mass for all our deceased on Sunday 2 July at 10.30am followed by the blessing of graves.

Money Matters
Offertory Collection …………… €1,635

....However well of Christ you talk and preach Unless he lives within you He is beyond our reach...