Mohill Parish Newsletter

Third Sunday of Lent Sunday 12 March 2023


Mass Intentions

Sat 11 20.00 John, Patricia & Teresa Bohan & DFM

Sun 12 10.30 Helena O’Neill MM

. . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas (Tommy) Keville Trean

. . . . . . . . . . . . Frances McGlynn, Ussaun

. . . . . . . . . . . . Eleanor Goodwin

. . . . . . . . . . . . Vasilievna Solovieva

Fri 17 10.30 .Alf Rowley, Hyde St

Sat 18 20.00 Denis & Mary Reynolds & Dolly, Margaret & Kathleen Reynolds

Sun 19 10.30 Damien Rogan, Tooman

Eslin 09.00 . .Thomas & Evelyn Reynolds, Leitrim Lower


Stations of the Cross

Every Friday evening at 8pm during Lent in St Patrick’s Church, Mohill



Sat evening 7pm—Mohill Church

Weekday Mass - During Lent

Mon to Fri-7.30am & 10am

First Sat— Mass at 10am & Confessions after Mass


St Patrick’s Day

Next Friday 17th March is St Patrick’s Day and is a Holy Day of obligation. Masses will follow the weekend pattern. There will be no 7.30am Mass that day.



Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mike Joe Ward, Rosharry whose funeral took place recently. May he rese in peace.


Lourdes Assisted Pilgrims Fund Collection

A second collection will be taken up on the Weekend of the 18 & 19 March to support assisted pilgrims going on the Ardagh & Clonmacnois Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. If any person is interested in traveling as a assisted pilgrim from June 2 to June 7 please ring 086 3918577


Mohill Cemetery

Please show respect by not dumping rubbish in this Sacred place .


Eucharistic Adoration

takes place each Thursday after 10am Mass until 6pm—Benediction the first Thurs of the month at 5.45pm


The Breffni Players

will be performing  David Tristram's hilarious one act play' Lockdown in Eslin '  in The Island Theatre on Friday 24th March  at 8pm The Breffni Players will be joined by the Leitrim-based eclectic musical group,' Ensemble 32' and  local traditional singer Fionnuala  Maxwell  to provide  a great night of entertainment. Tickets available  at the door . 


Mohill historical society

presents an evening to follow in the final footsteps of Dr Paddy Muldoon on Saturday 18th March at 8.30pm at St. Patrick's Church.

Dr Paddy Muldoon was murdered while walking home from a card game on 18th March 1923. No one was charged with his murder.

Come along on the night and hear from Dr Padraig McGarty a short introduction to the story. Where we will then proceed to retrace Dr Muldoon's final journey down the streets of Mohill to where he was shot at Bridge Street.  We will unveil a plaque with family members. To the showing of a short reenactment film outdoors using locals at the spot Dr Muldoon was murdered. 

We will then proceed into Casey's pub to hear a short talk about the court case by Ken Boyle, author of "The Murder of Dr Muldoon '' and RTE Tim Desmond. The night will end with a traditional session in Fitz pub with the Kellegher family and singer Fionnuala Maxwell. We hope you can come out to support this event.



Seeing your life through the Lens of the Gospels

Jesus leads the woman along a wonderful journey towards a deeper, fuller human life. You can enter the story from the perspective of the woman. Recognise her resistance to growth, her complacency, her evasions, and her eventual acceptance, partial though it was, of Jesus. When have you, or others, made a similar journey in your relationship with God? with others? with your own self?

The woman is attracted by what Jesus is saying, but from very human motives: the thought of having water in such a way that she did not have to come and draw it from the well. We can be attracted to Jesus by very mixed motives, some of them matters of personal interest – belonging, community, security, … What have been the human motives that have attracted you to faith, prayer, religion, church and that have been steppingstones to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. Perhaps we can also see the same movement in the growth of some of our human relationships.



Money Matters

Offertory Collection ………. €1,720