Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 10 November 2019

Mass Intentions

Sat 9 20.00 . . . .Edward McGivney & Mary Ann Maguire

Lena & Peter Conboy, Rooskeynamona

Jim, Kathleen & Seamus Tyrell & DFM Treanmore

Tessie Duignan & DFM, Treanmore

Sun 10 10.30 . . .Mary & Barney McCawley & DFM,Drumard

Patricia McGrath, Rooskeythompson

Michael & Mary Ellen McGarry, Crossdrummin

Maggie & Stephen Egan, Corduff

Kieran Reynolds & DFM

Eslin 09.00 . . . . Norah Kavanagh (nee Reynolds), Bunnymore & England

Gorvagh 09.30 . Peter Heeran

Mon 11 10.00 . . Pro populo

Tues 12 10.00 . . Holy Souls

Sat 16 20.00 . . . Rosemarie Reynolds & DFM, Cavan

Carmel O’Shaughnessy, (nee Cunningham)

Breege O’Carolan & DFM, Glebe St

Sun 17 10.30 . . Rosemary Crossan, Glebe St

Gorvagh 09.30 Joe & Rita Wrynne, Satrissaun



Please pray for the repose of the soul of Christina Sinsheimer (nee Nuala McGuire), formally New Jersey, USA and Norah Kavanagh (nee Reynolds), formally Bunnymore and England. May they rest in peace.


Congratulations and best wishes to Catherine Gilmartin and Ronan McWeeney who celebrated their wedding recently.

Seeing your life through the Lens of the Gospels

1.  The question of the Sadduccees suggests that how we will be in the afterlife is a continuation of how we are here. The reply of Jesus affirms that this is not so. We are important not because of any ‘status’ we might have but because we are children of God. Recall moments when you saw your worth, or the worth of another, as something other than worldly status. 2.  A common tactic in an argument is to make fun of the position of another. Then one does not have to take seriously the view being expressed. Have you ever found yourself doing this? Have you experienced others doing it with you? What were the effects of such an attitude? Is there life here? If not, where have you found a fuller life?

3.  Jesus’ use of the phrase ‘Children of the resurrection’ to describe his followers, points to the fact that we believe in something that cannot be proven. Life can sometimes present us with that kind of a challenge–an invitation to believe in things we cannot prove: another person, a cause, the value of a course of action, etc. What has been your experience of believing and acting on this kind of faith? 4.  At the heart of our Christian faith is belief that death is not the end. We believe that the relationship we have with God, and that starts in this life, survives death and continues after death in the resurrection. In this month of November we recall those we have loved and have died. How has belief in the resurrection helped you in thinking about those you have loved and who are no longer with you?

Seeking the face of God: Galilee Spirituality Centre

You are invited to the second evening in our November series which explores how we can discover God in personal faith, scripture, creation and community. All welcome. 7.30-9.00pm closing with tea. €5. Booking and enquiries 071-966-4101 . Night 2: November 12 th Rev Molly Deatherage:  God of the Word. Rev Molly will share with us the God she discovers in the scriptures.

Clothing Collection

St Manchan’s N.S are holding a clothing collection on Tues 12 Nov. Bags containing clean clothes, footwear, handbags, belts, curtains, towels and soft toys can be left into the front hall of the school.


Parenting when Separated

Programme to take place in Mohill Family Support Centre and running for 6 weeks from Thursday 14th Nov to Thursday 19th December from 9.30am-12 noon. This course is being run by Laura of Mohill Family Support Centre and Catherine of Lifestart. Contact Laura on 071 9631253 or 086 6035977 and Catherine on 086 1851654 for more details or to book your space.


Fenagh Community Playgroup

are holding a Church gate collection at Gorvagh Church on Sunday 17th November. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


The Mohill Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Meal & Party for our Senior Citizens, will take place in Lough Rynn Castle on Sunday, December 1, starting at 1.30pm. The meal will be served at 2pm, followed by dancing, singing and music. Admission is free to all our Senior Citizens and also to people over 55 who are living on their own. To book your place, go to Mohill Post Office (at Baxter’s Centra Supermarket) and write your name in a book there. To help us pay for the Party please buy a few lines for our beautiful Christmas Hamper.


Christmas Brochure for Mohill

To have an event included in the 2019 Christmas Events Brochure for Mohill and District, please send your information to Mohill Family Support Centre with a donation of € 5 towards the cost of printing. The cut-off point is Thursday, November 14 at 5pm. E-mail or phone 071 9631253.


Opening Hours of Mohill Branch Library

Wednesday   3pm-7pm

Thursday      10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Friday           10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Saturday       10am-2pm


 Money Matters

Offertory Collection (including Holy Day) ……… €2,785