since 1820....

DUNNE, Gregory Antony
P.P. Mohill, 1820 - 1825
Fr. Dunne spent many years abroad where he received his education and later worked as a professor in Franciscan Colleges. In 1790 he returned to Ireland and was appointed titular Guardian of Jamestown. In Aughavas he operated a school for boys in an old Chapel up until 1820. Died in 1825.

PP Mohill, 1825 - 1836
Matriculated in Maynooth as a student for the Diocese of Ardagh in 1813. At the Diocesan Synod of 1834 Very Rev. Michael Dogherty is listed as Vicar Forane. In 1836 he went as P.P. to Kilturbid. He died in Kilturbid in 1846.

PP Mohill, 1836 - 1837
Ordained in Maynooth in 1811. From 1827 - 1836 he was P.P. of Kilturbid. He died in 1837, aged 55. His headstone, erected by his brother Rev. Francis Maguire, is in the grounds of the Convent of Mercy, Mohill.

O'REILLY, Philip
PP Mohill, 1837 - 1839
Ordained in Maynooth in 1815. He went to America in 1852 for a period of two years on a fund-raising project for a parochial house in Mullahoran. He died in 1864, aged 80.

ElVERS, John William
PP Mohill 1839 - 1881
Ordained in Maynooth in 1826. P.P. Aughavas 1837 - 1839, where he built a new Church. As P.P. in Mohill he petitioned for a new National School in 1840. In Mohill he went on to be Canon, V.F.,V.G. and eventually Dean. This put him on the side of the establihment, maintaining friendly relations with the local landlords and squires, getting rid of Curates who took an anti-landlord stance, yet he was generous and kind to the poor. In his will he left 10 guineas, which were to be paid annually at Christmas, to the poor of Newtownforbes. Died in 1891, aged 95, and is buried in the parish Church of Newtownforbes.

DONOHOE, Francis
PP Mohill 1881 - 1905
Served in Mohill as a Curate from 1870 - 1873, and later in Ferbane, Mostrim and Streete before coming back as P.P. to Mohill. Fr. Donohoe was responsible for the building of St. Patrick's Church, Mohill and also National Schools at Mohill and Finiskill. He died in 1905 and is buried on the grounds of St. Patrick's Church.

PP Mohill, 1905 - 1922
He was ordained in 1874. He served as C.C in Gortletteragh, Kilturbid, Carrick and Gowel. He became P.P. of Cloone in 1894 - 1905. Died in 1922, aged 80 and is buried on the grounds of St. Patrick's Church.

PP Mohill, 1922-1960
Ordained in 1901. Spent 20 years in St. Mel's College as Professor and President. In 1921 he was made P.P. of Clonguish. Died aged 83 and is buried on the grounds of St. Patricks Church.

WALL, James
PP Mohill, 1961 - 1963
Fr. James Wall was born in Dromod in 1902, but his father who was in the R.I.C. later moved to Ardagh. He was ordained in 1928, and after a short time on the English mission he served in Athlone and Longford parishes before being appointed P.P. Mohill. Died in 1963, and is buried on the grounds of St. Patrick's Church.

PP Mohill, 1964 - 1969
Ordained in 1927. He spent 15 years teaching in St. Mel's College before serving as C.C in Cashel and Drumshambo. He was P.P. in Bornacoola before coming to Mohill. Died in 1969, he is buried on the grounds of St. Patrick's Church.

PP Mohill, 1969-1983
Son of Michael Sheeran and Margaret Mackie. Ordained in 1932. Taught in St. Mel's College for 15 years. He served in Rathcline, Athlone, Ballinahown, and Moate before being made P.P. of Granard in 1968. Died in Edgeworthstown in 1983 and is buried in Mohill Cemetery.

FEE, Hubert
P.P. Mohill, 1983 - 1992
Son of Patrick Fee and Sarah Jane Moffett. Ordained in Maynooth in 1940. C.C. Limerick, Ballinalee, Gowna, Ferbane and Killenummery before becoming P.P. Kilturbid in 1974. Served on Diocesan Finance Committee for many years and on the Commission for Clergy Distribution. Retired in 1992 and died in 2000.

ROONEY, John (Sean)
PP Mohill, 1992 - 2000
Son of John Joseph Rooney and Margaret Morris. Ordained in Maynooth in 1951. C.C. Gowna, Streete, Cloghan, Clonbroney, Bornacoola, Mohill and Drumlish before becoming P.P. Gortletteragh, 1983 - 1987, and Cloghan, 1987 - 1992. Served on Diocesan Council of Priests and on Diocesan Council of Catholic School Managers. Retired as P.P. in 2000 and continued to serve in Mohill as C.C. until 2004. Died in 2009.

HOGAN, Bernard
PP Mohill, 2000 - 2011
Son of Bernard Hogan and Mary Kate Leavy born in the Parish of Legan, Co Longford. Ordained in St. Mel's Cathedral, Longford on 9th June 1974. Studied in Ballycloghan N.S., St. Mel's College, Longford and St. Patrick's College, Carlow. C.C. Longford, Mohill, Clonturk, Colmcille; priest in charge Ballymachugh prior to becoming P.P. in Mohill 2000. Worked as a volunteer priest in Chipata Diocese, Zambia from 1978 - 1984 and from 1988 - 1992. Diocesan Advisor in Religious Education 1992 - 1997. Appointed P.P. Drumlish in 2011.

MURPHY, Patrick
PP Mohill 2011 -
Son of John Murphy and Ethna Kelly, Longford. Ordained in St. Mel's Cathedral in 1985. Appointed to staff of St. Mel's College, Longford 1985 - 2001. Further studies 2001 - 2002. C.C. Kiltoghert 2002 - 2007. P.P. Edgeworthstown 2007 - 2011.