Mohill Prayer Group
Marie Beirne

Mohill Prayer Group had its beginnings in the mid 70's when Sr. Angela and Sr. Goretti invited Fr. Michael Ryan and team to come from Ferbane, where there was a thriving Prayer Group, to help start a prayer group in Mohill. The Prayer Group is one of 15 in the diocese and belongs to a worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit known as the Charismatic Renewal. This movement began in the Catholic Church in 1967 and was seen as a direct answer to Pope John XXIII's prayer for the Holy Spirit to come upon the church as at a 'New Pentecost'. Prayer groups spread like wildfire all over the world and eventually reached Mohill. Paul VI said this movement of the Holy Spirit was "a chance for the church" and Cardinal Sunens called it "a river of grace on the face of the church".
Many people from different areas have been members of Mohill Prayer Group over the years. Among the early leaders were Sr.'s Angela, Goretti and Margaret McCaffrey, then from Gorvagh and Petra Gaffey. Musicians included Ian Lee, John Drummond and Michael Dunleavy (now Fr Michael) one of two vocations to religious life, from the prayer groups, the other being Sr. Gerardine Rowley from Fenagh, a Good Shepherd sister, now based in Dublin. Our present musicians are AI McGuinness, Finola McGowan (Mohill) and Chris Cronin (Annaduff) and their ministry adds life and joy to the meetings.
The Prayer Group runs 'Life In The Spirit Seminars' each year. This is a seven-week course, open to all, which brings people to a place of receiving the great grace of 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit'. This is a life-changing experience, which releases the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives and empowers them for service in the church. This grace also fills people with a deep desire to pray, read scripture and a great love for the Mass.
It brings great healing, inner freedom and new life. It is the 'something more' that people are seeking in their lives. The Prayer Group runs Masses for healing, renewal days, ecumenical days of prayer and has an intercessory group which meets on Sundays to pray for the needs of the parish, for individuals and for peace in the world. Many great speakers have visited us over the years - Fr Jack McArdle, Joe Dalton, Frances Hogan, Rev. Cecil Kerr, Fr. Benny McHale and more recently Rev. Lawrence Graham from Longford. One of our regular attendees at the Prayer Meeting, while he lived in Clonturk, was Fr. Tagdh Kenny.
We meet each Wednesday at 8.15pm in the Canon Donohue Hall. There is a great unity and family atmosphere among the group members. The meeting opens with the rosary, followed by prayer and praise of God in word and song. This is followed by a deep and healing silence of the Holy Spirit and then there is sharing and teaching of the Word of God in Scripture, followed by intercessory prayer, a closing hymn and the essential "cup of tea, chat & craic". Many people's lives have been changed and healed by the Power of the Holy Spirit as young and 'not so young' gather on Wednesday nights. Members come from Mohill and many different towns and counties nearby and everyone is so very welcome.
If you come, you can be sure of a great welcome, a listening ear, the prayers and friendship of the group, the offer of New Life in the Holy Spirit and most importantly the powerful healing presence of God because "Where two or more are gathered in his name, He is there". "Come and See" (John 1:39)