) contd.
DUNLEAVY, Rev. Michael, Main St.
Son of Gerry Dunleavy and Rose Hagan. Educated in Marian College, Mohill and Milltown Institute, Dublin. Ordained a member of the Dominican Order in 1994. Presently in Rome as Prior of Irish Dominicans, and studying in University of St. Thomas.


ELLIS, Fr. Gerard, Main Street, 1930- 2000
Son of Joseph Ellis and Josie Cox. Ordained in 1954. Columban Missions to Korea.

ELLIS, Fr. Tom, Main Street, 1905 - 1945
Son of Richard Ellis and Eleanor Mahon. Ordained in Galway in 1930. Worked in China for 14 years.

FLYNN, John Joe, Sragarn, 1906 - 1928
Son of Charles Flynn and Teresa Kelliher. Entered Maynooth Seminary in 1924. Died while studying for the priesthood.

GEELAN, Fr. Dominic, Mohill, 1890 - 1949
Son of Edward Geelan and Margaret Flynn. Joined the Dominicans in Tallaght in 1908. Became teacher at Newbridge College, Headmaster between 1924 - 1936. Buried in Tallaght.

GilCHRIST, Fr. Edward, Drumdart, Eslin, 1913 - 1990
Son of Tom Gilchrist and Ellen McHugh. Ministered in Archdiocese of Edinburgh and retired as Curate in Moore Parish, Ballinasloe.

GILDEA, Sr. Margaret, Corlasko, Eslin, 1922-
Daughter of James Gildea and Margaret Early. Joined the Sisters of Charity, Cork, in 1935. Now living in America.

GilMARTIN, Bro. Thomas., Lisdrumgivil, 1908 - 1992
Son of Bernard Gilmartin and Brigit Flynn. Joined the Christian Brothers in 1922. He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

GORDON, Rev. Tom, Main Street, Mohill, 1926 - 1996
Son of Tom Gordon and Margaret Reynolds. Ordained C.C.S.P. in 1952 for the African Missions.

CANON GRAY, Glebe Street, b. 1884
Son of John and Brlgid Reynolds. He was ordained in 1909. He taught in St. Mels College, Longford. A.d.m. Longford, P.P. Bornacoola and P.P. Ardagh. He is buried in Ardagh Cemetery.


HACKETT, Bishop John Francis, Connecticut, 1911- 1990 Son of Tom Hackett and Anna Whelan. Bishop Hackett studied for the priesthood at St. Sulpice, Paris, where he was ordained in 1936. In 1953, he was consecrated Auxiliary Bishop to the Bishop of Hartford. He participated in the Vatican Council, 1962-1965. Bishop Hackett visited his family regularly in Mohill up until his death.

HEALY, Sr. Anna, Breandrum
Daughter of Michael Healy and Mary Ann Mollaghan. Joined our Lady of the Mission Order in 1939. Ministered in England, Wales and East Africa, in pastoral ministry in Bristol at present.

HEALY, Sr. Kathleen, Breandrum, 1913 - 1977
Daughter of Michael Healy and Mary Ann Mollaghan. In 1930 joined the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions. Spent 20 years ministering to orphan children in India. Died in England.

HIGGINS, Sr. Frances Loreto, Currawn Entered the Order of the Irish Sisters of Charity in 1952. She was attached to Convents in Dublin and Kilkenny where she was involved in childcare, and is now based at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, where she assists in supervising a complex of apartments for elderly people. Sr. Loreto is a regular visitor to her home in Currawn.

KELLY, Rev. J.J., Bridge Street, 1926-
Son of Christopher and Elizabeth Kelly. Ordained in 1951. Appointed P.P. of Clogher Road Parish, Drimnagh, in 1984 and continues in his ministry there today

KILCRANN, Fr. John, Corlasko, Eslin 1948-
Son of Jimmy Kilcrann and Rose Fanning. Educated at Blackrock College. Ordained in 1976. Presently based in Rome
LEOGUE, Fr. John, Station Road, 1960- Son of Joseph Leogue and Mary Diffley. Ordained in 1986. Since, ordination, he has worked briefly as a teacher in Summerhill College, Sligo and St. Mary's College, Galway as well as curate in Ballyrush / Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo and Fuerty/Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon, where he now works.
MACALINNEY, Canon Thomas Edward, Eslin, 1879 - 1931
Son of Elizabeth Stenson and Edward MacAlinney. Ordained in 1903. Went on the Missions to South Africa. P.P. Spiddal1914 to 1931. Buried at the Church in Spiddal

MACALINNEY, Sr. Martha, Eslin,
Daughter of Elizabeth Stenson and Edward MacAlinney. Joined the Sisters of Charity. She celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1950 and died in 1965.

MAHON, Fr. John, MohilI, 1909-
Son of Michael Mahon and Margaret Donnelly. In 1929 joined Oblate Fathers in Cahermoyle, Limerick. Superior of Cahermoyle, St. Conleths and Belcamp College. Ordained in 1936. Professor of Philosophy for 13 years. Worked in the Channel Islands.